Humorous illustrations Hoysela Tiago (Tiago Hoisel)

Brazilian illustrator has a great sense of humor and a remarkable talent for art. In his works, he uses modern technology digital art, including 3D-modeling.

Hoysel Tiago (Tiago Hoisel) lives and works in the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo. Here he is, in fact, was born August 12, 1984-year. Until his 14th birthday, Tiago just drew, without thinking that in the future this may be his profession. Then one day, in one of the magazines, he bumps into a caricature artist Ike (Ique). The wizard Thiago so impressed that he began to collect pictures and build them up. And over time, and began to draw his cartoons. After graduating from the University of Bahia, the artist has worked on TV and in several magazines. Now he is working in the art studio Technoimage.

Pictures by Tiago Hoisel


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