Emotions and experiences in the street art Aimé de M (EME de M)

She is originally from Spain and belongs to the small number of masters of street art female talent is appreciated and recognized. Aimee is involved in various festivals and comes at the invitation and creates her works.

From a small interview that she gave. It was learned that the girl, like most artists of the street, makes a sketch of the house. And only when it finds a suitable wall - the image will be transferred. Some work because of this may lie weeks-months. His first drawings created seven years ago. Favorite place with their works Aime calls Strasbourg, where the work is «Le Silence». And finally, a couple of secrets from the Spanish artist. She never dreamed of becoming an artist, but also does not like to work with someone. If Aime meets the artist prefers to watch him work, trying to discover something new.


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