Chili save you from fatigue and extra pounds

Want to lose weight American scientists recommend to be mandatory to include in your diet burning chili.

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Scientists from the University of California conducted a series of studies and found that due to the pungent component of peppers is capsaicin, the body releases massive amounts of energy. This "burst of energy", according to experts, promotes fat oxidation, increases the breakdown of fat deposits and also speeds up the metabolism process.

In a medical experiment, which lasted 28 days, was attended by 34 volunteers, men and women want to lose weight. Participants were divided into two groups. Volunteers from the first received a daily dose of an analogue of capsaicin contained in a pepper, the second pill placebo. Both groups followed a low calorie diet.

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Scientists have noted that, for several hours after a meal, participants who received a dose of capsaicin, the power consumption is almost twice that of the group treated with placebo. They also found that "hot" Supplement significantly increased fat oxidation in the body, consuming it as fuel.

According to scientific insights, chili increases the effectiveness of a low calorie diet and helps to say goodbye to excess weight.

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