Depression win physical activity

If you caught up with a depression – not a problem. One only has to sweat a little and your depression will not be over.

Daily exercise will help you "let off steam", to overcome stress and forget about painful depression once and for all.

American scientists from the University of Dallas confirm each of the above words. They believe that only half an hour of exercise a day enough to feel the joy and taste for life.

"Physical therapy is as effective as traditional medical treatment, and its positive performance can be fully replaced," — say the psychologists. "Physical activity act like antidepressants, gradually restoring mental activity, normalizes sleep and appetite".

In the experiment, scientists noted that only after 25 minutes of activity, mental state of depressed patients was markedly improved, and their vitality and the mood increased before our eyes, and that served them as a stimulus for further exercises. To get rid of depressing thoughts and other symptoms of depression, psychologists are advised to regularly exercise as prevention.


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