And the cops is a sense of humor)))

Was it last spring.
 We're going to somehow with his wife to the cottage on the street Molodogvardeyskaya. If anyone knows, after the intersection with Bozhenka Molodogvardiis'ka becomes an empty direct travel between the mills and factories, and ends with the traffic police post at the intersection with the Moscow Ring Road. So, we're going myself, going, like, do not rush, and then at the entrance to the post of guardian contented see thick, rapidly approaching the roadway and throws in a welcoming gesture striped rod.
 Further there is the following dialogue (Mr. Policeman, I-I):
 T (lybu presses full face): Good afternoon! You have just taken part in the filming of a new hidden camera documentary! I congratulate you!
 I (with a smile quite seriously looking around in search of the lens):
 Thank you for your congratulations. And what kind of movie?
 D: The working title I can not disclose, but if you want, you and I can go into the editing view footage episode with your participation. And bring your documents;-)
 I (finally kerf): Ponyayayatno! Come on ...:-)
 Go to the post.
 D: And here is the episode with your participation.
 Shows a picture on the monitor to our car and the inscription 90km / h.
 G: Unfortunately, the photos on the memory I can not leave - the printer broke.
 I: I'm sorry, but that's okay ... I can go? ;-)
 T (suppressing a smile): Of course! Only the more I want to offer you to take part in a charity lottery win-win. Ticket = $ 100.
 I (almost in rzhu voice): With pleasure! :-)))
 Stretch steward. As long as the guardian of order writes voucher, ask.
 I: And where is the gain? Lottery win something;-)
 T (calmly): Here's your prize - an autograph film director!
 Hands me a blue voucher.
 I (rzhu in the voice): Spasiiibo! :-)))
 D: To your health! Goodbye. Will go back - look, the camera hangs vooon on the bridge support. When will all remember something;-)
 After that, to my surprise, as was the respectful of the rules and gibededeshnikam. It turns out that among them there are people with the human sense of humor. However, unfortunately, more like friends do not have to meet. :-)

Author: T & D


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