Beer Bed bed barrel for beer lovers in a German hotel

Forty one million one hundred forty two thousand four hundred eighteen

Germany opened the hotel Airbnb, which is sure to appeal to fans of beer. Moreover, it is located near a local brewery, so guests can spend the night in a real beer keg. The brewery Potts Naturpark Brauerei in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) supplied the Germans malt beer since the beginning of 1800-ies. Now there opened a hotel, the owners of which decided to use the old beer barrels, which were stored and transported beer in a cozy corner to sleep in!

Beer barrel, which can be seen in the photos, were in use for over 100 years – since late 19th century until 1995. Converting a barrel, its lid was removed in a semicircle, and the barrel is installed inside the mattress. To get to the barrel, you have to climb the stairs several about as well as climbing to the second level of the bunk bed. In such wooden beds-barrel can comfortably accommodate two people.

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