Bed at the beer barrel

When it comes to Germany, we first present the Bavarian beer in hand. Do beer not only national German drink, but also a way of life for many Germans. Definitely when we heard about the creation of the beer barrel bedroom, we do not for a moment doubt that it was created in Germany. And indeed so it turned out.

It all started with the fact that the owner of the hotel Airbnb, accidentally hit the barrel of the brewery Potts Naturpark Brauerei. The hotel opened in the room where the brewery previously used to store barrels of beer. The owner decided not to throw the barrel, and find her a new application. He came up with an interesting idea to use the barrel as a bedroom for visitors.

He hollowed out the upper part of the barrel, arranged inside it, and put mattresses. It is worth mentioning that these barrels of beer were stored for over 100 years, used on appointment they ceased only in 1995. And a century later, it's cozy bedroom. Only hotels three such barrels.

Many people are so fond of beer that would be to sleep in beer keg. That is why the bedroom Barre Beer, very quickly attracted attention. The hotel Airbnb every day visitors arrive, and they are not only residents of Germany, but also other neighboring countries of Europe. Here come the guests from France, Belgium, Switzerland. And all just to see the miracle of design.

Bedrooms available to visitors on the night. It will cost you 140 $. Agree, a tidy sum for one night, but beer lovers are not confused. In a barrel-the bedroom can comfortably accommodate two people, but there is a little more able to accommodate two adults and three children. For people who can not imagine their life without Internet in the bedroom available WiFi service. To get into the barrel just enough to climb a small ladder.

Many people will say that this invention is absolutely useless and pointless. Like it or otherwise, you be the judge, one thing is clear now the real connoisseurs of beer will be able to literally plunge into the dream with the head.

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