Harm chips

Chips — snack food made from potatoes. Sold as ready to eat product catering. As a snack, often served with beer. Many children like chips. In fact, the chips — a mixture of carbohydrates and fat in the shell of dyes and substitutes taste. Chips, both corn and potato — are very harmful to the body, as well will not bring anything good eating French fries.

At first glance it seems that nothing harmful to the body in the chips to be can not, because in fact it is the same product that boiled potatoes, which many families prepare almost every day. However, all is not so simple: the tubers contain large amounts of starch, a substance that is converted in the body into glucose, which leads to satiety of the product. When rapid heating during manufacture of chips from starch acrylamide is formed, which is a very dangerous carcinogen, regular consumption of which in large quantities leads to cancer. This is particularly hazardous for women because under its influence the tumors occur in the female genital organs: the uterus and ovaries.

Convincing facts – the problem of fans of chips: weight, high cholesterol, blockage of blood vessels, heart attacks and diabetes. And yet, oddly enough, the addiction... Yes, scientists agree to the fact that potato chips as well as burgers, capable to cause dependence is similar narcotic.

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