Interesting facts about dreams

Sleep is a special state of the organism, which is human nature, many animals and even some insects. We want to share with you some interesting facts about this much beloved state.

Sleep is an integral part of our life and determine his main factor is the degree of illumination, although this did not prevent those same Spaniards are happy to sleep during the day during Siesta. Just note that using the equivalence of the words dream and dreaming was done in order to avoid ripples in the eyes from one and the same word. But, on to more interesting and less known facts on dreams.

All people see dreams. Even if you think that you can't see them. People may simply not remember dreams.

No, not all. Born blind do not see dreams. Their dreams are limited sense of smell, sounds, touch, emotions and taste. Blinded after birth, like all other dreams.

In the dream we see the faces of only those people seen in your life. We can't know and not remember, but we've seen them before.

Within five minutes after awakening, the person can remember about half of what he saw in the dream. Then, only a tenth part.

About 12 % of people see only black and white dreams. Among those under the age of 25, the percentage is even lower 4.4 per cent.

Men see in dreams, about 70% of men, while in women the proportion of "men-women" are approximately equal.

Almost 2/3 of people have experienced deja vu in explanation of dreams.

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