Glitch in the Matrix: 10 facts about why we experience déjà vu

From 60 to 80 percent of all people at some time in their lives experience a condition such as "it was in my life, just this second," but that it provokes? There are several predpolozheniy.

1. OshibkaV your brain simply shorted. Something went wrong, sensory input and shot down accidentally overloaded memory. In other words, your mind just making fun of you.

2. NapominanieVy remember something else. The object, smell or sound has awakened the preset memory. It is the feeling that you've already seen / we were already there, but in fact it is not.

3. Memories, "laid out on the shelves," You will know the familiar pattern, a pattern. The human mind has an amazing ability to create and store templates. Kind of like the furniture created like growing a garden, and even a familiar voice can cause the effect of deja vu.

4. Alarm signalEsli you have epilepsy, you should know that the feeling of deja vu sometimes occurs before in the temporal lobe of your brain is activated center of epileptic activity.

5. Too much information izvneVash brain simply overloaded. When you first see something in the temporal lobe activate certain areas. When you see something you are already familiar, activated another area of ​​the temporal lobe. Both parts of the brain send information to the hippocampus. If they transmit signals at the same time, your brain may be overloaded. This causes confusion, and a new object is attributed to the familiar feeling.

6. messed up "folder" Just your brain "put" something in the "Folder". As if by chance you have saved a picture in a folder with documents. You just saw something new, so this was to be immediately stored in short-term memory, but the brain was wrong, and store this information in the "folder" long-term memory. This is a strange feeling that you are already familiar with what they saw / happening.

7. Excessive anxiety have too high level of anxiety. Conducts research on one of the British, who are constantly in a state of deja vu, scientists have formulated a new theory regarding the origin of this phenomenon. The subject felt that he was all familiar - even TV shows and new stories. Scientists believe that these feelings can be caused by excessive anxiety.

8. Problems with kommunikatsieyDve halves of your brain like a typical couple: sometimes they do not hear each other. Some scientists explain it this way: at the time, how your brain transmits information from one part to another, there is a delay. The feeling of deja vu may occur when one half of your brain receives twice the same information for the first time - directly from the stimulus, and then - on the other half of the brain.

9. False vospominaniyaBolnye schizophrenia experiencing what is called false memories - a sensation or feeling that they have done something that in fact they had never done before. This state is like a deja vu, and for this reason it is often mistaken for deja vu

10. distracted attention trying to create a model of deja vu, the scientists have developed a theory of "mobile phone", which is also known as attention span. What is the essence: your subconscious collects information so fast that your mind does not know about it, because your mind is distracted by something else. When, a moment later, you are fully focus your attention on what is around you, you feel as if you've seen it all - because it is really so.



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