Rare titles complex emotions that we all feel at times

Have you ever experience a strange feeling that you are not in the place where it would be necessary, or sadness because of the fact that you will never learn how to live your praprapravnuki? For some of these difficult feelings already invented names. Perhaps one of these emotions you identify the one for which you do not have enough words. < Website publishes a selection of rare titles of complex emotions.

1. Opium is the name of excitement and a sense of invasion, which we experience when we exchange with anyone's gaze. Contact eye-to-eye is a burst of energy. But the interpretation of the experience depends on the circumstances. If we perceive the other as a threat, it will be unpleasant. If the two feel mutual sympathy, then this look pleasure.

2. Dejavu This feeling is familiar to almost everyone, as if we have been here before, or as if the same event is repeated a second time. Psychologists who study memory, see the reason is that our past experience in some features seem similar to the current experience. About 75% of people report that experienced deja vu.

3. Ellipsizm This feeling of sadness experienced by one who realizes that will not see the future. For example, the old man can be sad because he would not see his newborn grandchild becomes an adult.

4. Krizalizm if you are familiar with the special sense of security, happiness and peace, which can be tested, he found himself in a warm and dry in the house while the storm rages outside? It's like to be back in my mother's belly ... This word is derived from the chrysalis - pupa (butterfly stage of development)

5.. Adronitis It is a shame that we experience, having got an interesting new acquaintance, if this clearly understand that in order to fully learn this remarkable man, take a long, long time. We want to make it happen faster, but we know that this is impossible.

The first week will have to talk about nothing in the psychological "hallway" with each new conversation moving closer to the center of the house. And you want to make it the other way around: first, to share the most important secrets, and then move to the outside, going to the small talk to over the years, creating a real deep intimacy, ask a friend where he is doing

. In ancient Greece andronitis - the male half of the house

6.. Liberosis desire less experience on different occasions, relax control. As we become more mature, we take on more and more responsibility. We want to play in your own life as a ball, which can be easily held in the air a few touches. Liberosis - this feeling of liberation that we feel at the thought, "That would be a child again, not knowing any worries, no hassle

7.. Enuement you ever wanted to go back in time to tell myself about the future? We feel this is a bitter feeling when we finally find ourselves in the future, and get answers to all the questions that we had once tortured. At this point, we want to go back and share with you what we have learned to convey news and encourage our younger and uncertain, "I».

8. Zenozina Why, the more we live, the shorter it seems every subsequent year? First, we feel life by as something that happens to other people. But life gradually begins to accelerate, and the feeling that birthday comes one day earlier each year and each subsequent year is a bit cheaper for inflation. The name for this feeling is formed by a compound name of Zeno (the author of the famous paradox about the impossibility of movement) and Mnemosyne, who personified the memory in Greek mythology.

9. Juska This conversation, which scrolls in our minds, when we, for example, seek out new arguments for the already completed or present dispute as to ask his chief gain, he will tell us this and that we then to object. In Russian feeling is also known as "wit on the stairs»

10.. Psychological condition fugue state in which the individual walks, doing something and talking, but not aware of it and then can not remember their actions. Fugu can be caused by alcohol or drug use.

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