Smartphone Another World

Cinema is a great power, only one movie can make a person completely change his life to do something incredible, well, or just to develop an interesting concept. For example, Korean designer Wooseok su (Wooseok Suh), apparently inspired by the movie "Tron", has created his own version of the smartphone under the fascinating title Another World (Another world). This smart mobile phone is able to break the stereotype on how should look like a smartphone.

Equipped with a full touch screen and a simple design, it provides users who love all kinds of uniqueness, easy navigation and an enchanting singularity. He's not just a display that did not surprise anyone, it is completely covered. In this way the author wanted to allow the user to make unnecessary movements, because the phone shows the virtual buttons anywhere on its surface. In the lower part of the body of the phone is one real button, the center of which is also equipped with a touch screen. This button is expected to perform the functions of switching on and confirmation of the command.

This concept, which is likely to be so until, and will remain, applies only to the external design of the smartphone. On the technical characteristics currently not reported, but they are likely nothing new will not surprise us. One thing is clear: to take and view pictures and videos using this smartphone will be problematic as no right to this screen for it are provided. However, despite this, the idea is certainly interesting and worthy of further development and improvement.

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