Highscreen Zera S - compact smartphone with a 4.5 "screen

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I want to tell about the smartphone Highscreen Zera S 4-core processor with a frequency of 1.3 MTK6582m GHz. As always, in the review of detailed pictures, examples of shooting camera tests and my impressions of the operation.

This is my first encounter with the telephone company Highscreen. Despite the scandals with feminists, this brand is gaining popularity in Russia. Phones of this brand are of good design and functionality for a relatively low price.

Just want to note that the model established in the framework of the new strategy for the development of brand products. It implies the transition from ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) 100% OEM-circuit device development, ie the creation of new models "from scratch" experts Highscreen.

The smartphone uses a 4-core processor MTK6582m, clocked at 1 and 3 GHz. In addition, the phone is equipped with 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of main memory, expandable via memory cards microSD. Screen Resolution Highscreen Zera S is 540 x 960 pixels at a diagonal to the 4, 5 inches.

Display: 4.5 & quot ;, 960 x 540 px, qHD, OGS IPS
Processor: MT6582M (Cortex-A7, 1.3 GHz, 4 cores)
Graphics Processing Unit: Mali-400 MP2
Operating System: Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Memory: 1 GB
User Memory: 4 GB + slot MicroSD
Camera: Front - 2 megapixel, rear - 5 megapixel autofocus +
Contact: 2 SIM-card (GSM / GPRS / EDGE + UMTS / HSPA +)
Optional: GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, OTG, accelerometer, light sensor and distance
Battery: 1800 mAh
Dimensions: 131.6 × 66.45 × 9.4 mm
Weight: 146 Gram
Price: 6000 rubles

When I came across this device, I was surprised at the quality of packaging.

Solid cardboard without colorful patterns and tricks. The front side features a smartphone "sectional" and a company logo on the side faces of the same printed logos. At the bottom of the manufacturer put information about cloud storage 4Sync.

With this phone comes 64 GB of cloud storage. Everything is simple and harmonious.

After opening the box, we immediately see the phone. The screen is already factory applied protective film for label information.

Acquisition quite standard: USB-cable, charger, earphones, warranty card and user manual. Unit charger always glows blue, and the cable has a pretty interesting feature. Depending on the charge, he glows red (when your smartphone is charging) or blue (when the battery is charged).

Proprietary headset is not an audiophile's dream, of course, but for everyday use suit.

▌DIZAYN, size, controls
Developers and designers are well tried. Smartphone looks strict, but attractive. There are no extra parts, but it does have something unusual. The body is made of soft-touch plastic that protects your phone from scratches, plus everything is pleasant to the touch.

Just below the screen are the function keys with LED backlight.

On top of the speaker, front camera, light sensor, as well as the LED that lights up when connected via USB-cable or charging.

Back cover with company logo.

Above is the camera and LED flash performs the role.

Bottom main speaker (when shooting outdoors phone pretty stained, this dust, not damage).

On the right side face of the established volume button.

On the left-button on / off / lock.

Located on the upper face headphone jack and connector for USB-cable.

Overall ergonomics standard as most modern phones. Zera S model has the author's design, developed in the company Highscreen. It is a "cocktail", the ingredients of which are taken from the best flagship smartphones in 2013 (the front of the rectangular frame, like HTC 8x, decoration of the main chamber, like Nokia Lumia 1520, depressed into the housing logo as the Nexus 5). The result had quite a pleasant appearance of the device.

The phone has a 4.5 inch capacitive touch display with IPS matrix high contrast. Has a resolution of 540x960 pixels with a pixel density of 275 PPI.
The display is made of technology OGS. One glass solution - a technology that combines the display and the sensor / glass in one piece, which will reduce the thickness of the device, sharpen the image and increase the sensitivity. Screen coating is made of tempered glass.

The screen is very bright, image clarity is good. Just pleasing viewing angles.

Supports multi-touch to 5, inclusive, and the ability to transmit the image to another device. A nice bonus is the presence of a light sensor that adjusts the brightness quite well under lighting.

Opening the cover of the phone, we see that everything is done efficiently and accurately. PCB closes plastic pad strapped small screw. No backlash or clearances are not observed.

The lower part of the body takes the battery, it is, by the way, a small capacity, but more on that later.

Placed above the slots for SIM cards, at what one of them under miniSIM.

As there is a slot for microSD.

The main camera on the 5MP autofocus camera, takes very well, and is focused at a distance of 2-3 cm, perfectly removes fine details. Front 2MP (for video calls even this much). Clarity and color images are at a good level. Pictures from the main camera.

Maximum resolution photos 2880h1728 points. The average speed of the camera, the shutter sound when shooting can not be disabled.

And this is a picture with the front camera.

Naturally the camera can shoot video. Maximum resolution video has risen to FullHD resolution at 30 frames per second. Recording format 3gp. The video quality to match the photos.

This unit is installed Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with minimal alterations.

The menu is pretty standard. There is the ability to update over the air.

Any relevant or unusual programs in the smartphone does not. Also 4Sync - this cloud storage to 64GB.

The only alteration is the quick settings menu.

Zera S supports USB-OTG. In the presence of USB-OTG cable, you can connect a USB flash drive and select it as the main memory of the smartphone. You can also connect a keyboard, mouse or joystick.

The phone supports Wi-Fi standard 802.11 b / g / n. For his work no complaints.

GPS as in many MTK phones processors require configuration, I chose the easiest option, as lack of internet I have.
Configure GPS + AGPS:
1. Menu - Settings - Data about the location - Do not accept
2. Tab on the phrase "by satellite GPS», include A-GPS
3. Install the software from the store GPS Test, in the settings for this program: Clear AGPS, Update AGPS
5. After 10 seconds, the window is 8-10 satellites.

Declared simultaneous operation of 2 sim cards can both call and receive calls and SMS. On what do not you call, you are always in touch, 3G + internet at large sim card. "Dialer" from the standard Android actually like "nabiralka" sms.

Bluetooth works very quickly, some sources write that it version 4.0. Problems connecting wireless headphones is not revealed. There is also and FM receiver.

Performance is decent for a device of this price range. However, not many state employees can boast such results.

In graphics tests the device proved to be nice.

Play very nicely: not locked up and brakes.

When playing the game fairly heavy, expectedly bask processor, but without noticeable discomfort for hands.

▌BATAREYA, charging TIME
Claimed battery capacity 1800 mAh, nevertheless keeps charging the phone very well. With the active use device works 1.5-2 days on a single charge (tangible role small screen size).

Working in mixed mode (calls, internet, video, games) rank smartphone after about 11 hours. Video playback (with sound and screen brightness at maximum) device holds 5 hours.

Currently on the market there is a huge range of devices in this price band, but the quality is really very little. Zera S combines elegance and functionality of the top models, but its price is very democratic. If you want to buy a simple and small phone with warranty and support, but do not want to spend a lot of money, you can pay attention to the smartphone Highscreen Zera S.

Pleasant renovated
Quality assembly
Good stuffing for its price
Excellent display with IPS matrix, made by technology OGS
Budget solution
The compact size, the phone easily fits in any pocket

Battery capacity butt
Necessary Settings GPS

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