Micro home for $ 200

Derek Diedricksen is not particularly well-known architect, but he became famous owing to his home. It's not a huge complex, and Vice versa, miniature house, the creation of which was spent just $ 200. The result is a house to live in where you can even with some amenities.


If this Derek is not used logs, siding or other modern materials. To minimize costs, he built a house of conventional wood pallets. The finished design was not insufflated, the architect has reinforced its fragments of old dismantled cabinets. It was the most expensive part of the project — about $80.

Externally, the building resembles a beehive, but inside the place no less than a road trailer. Of furniture — a small bed that can accommodate a person of average height, a few shelves for small items and a Desk. There is a large window and a door which locked from the inside.

Didriksen sure that he invented a house may become as popular as the usual tourist tent. In addition, cheap houses can become a haven for the homeless or temporary shelter for victims of natural disasters. After swept over new York hurricane "sandy" this project seems particularly relevant.

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