History of the most common male complexes

1. Complex Alexander

Strange but true. Despite the prevalence of the name Alexander, in most people this name is associated with one person. I guess with what? Similarly, with Alexander the Great. That complex is named after Alexander of the same ancient commander.

Complex Alexander - is the fear of men to look in the eyes of other men are not men, or rather, the homosexual. And then the king of Macedonia? And besides, that the ancient world to a much greater extent than even today's world has been subject of homosexuality. And Alexander the Great in the same way as all his friends and comrades-in-arms, had sex with men. Do Macedonian itself suffers from fear of being recognized as "unmanly"? Hardly. And yet this man's complex got was his name.

2. Complex Hercules

The name of this complex was named after the Greek hero Hercules. According to the myth, Hercules proved once enslaved by the queen of the Amazons, and she was forced to prisluzhit, performing purely women's work.

Today, fear of becoming "a housewife" pursues a huge number of men who are afraid to carry out a fire on the house of some women's work. However, that is - fear, psychologists only know, most women believe that it is - the usual laziness. And, incidentally, it is not clear who is right.

3. Complex Lot

Lot complex got its name in honor of the biblical Lot, who after the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah revived dead human race. At the same time as wives Lot used his own daughters.

Currently, under the complex Lot experts understand the fear of losing the daughters of fathers in the moment when the beloved appears. I must say that they suffer from the complex of Lot is not so much a man as their daughter. For some loving dad in his love go so far as to completely negate all the personal lives of their beloved little daughters.

4. Complex Napoleon

Perhaps the most commonly known male complex - a complex man of small stature. As a rule, it manifested in the fact that a man of small stature has wild ambitions. And often even hated of all men, are above him on the increase. Heavy complex. Hard to others. And because God forbid tall young man, have superior Napoleon complex - career will not


5. Complex Don Juan

Complex Don Giovanni - is the fear of men to be abandoned. Most of the representatives of a strong half of mankind believe that to be thrown woman - shameful. Throwing should only he - man

. 6. Complex Kotovskogo

What do you think, where nowadays the fashion on the shaved head? From skinheads? Not at all. Psychologists believe that the whole thing in a man's complex Kotovskogo - fear of bald men. Since hair loss, despite all the progress of medicine, it is very difficult to fight, it is better to shave beforehand - "for beauty." Then no one will notice that shaving has become nothing.

7. Complex Chief

Head of Complex - is the fear of men to be in a subordinate position. In many ways, this is similar to a complex set of Hercules, but covers a wider sphere of human activity. Men suffering from complex chief, mortally afraid to discover that their wife earns more than them (in fact it is they in the family chief), or that their new leader - a woman


8. Complex pensioner

All men are scared to death of retirement. However, a pensioner complex develops them much earlier. In most cases, a pensioner complex psychological inability to understand men who are around the age of 50 years, to slow down and realize that they can no longer compete with young men on a level incumbent on workloads.


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