Vadim Zeland: We all live in one world, but the world at everyone

The world itself is not degraded and becomes worse. The world is getting worse for this particular person. In parallel with the line of life, on which man complains, there are lines that he once left and where is still doing well. Expressing dissatisfaction, people really adjusted to the worst line. And if so, it really pulls on the line.

Born man first takes the world as it really is.

The child just remains to be seen whether it may be better or worse. But then come the failure, the man begins to realize that not all dreams come true, that other people are better off for that place in the sun have to fight. Over time, the claim is greater than the expectations. The dissatisfaction and nagging is the driving force pushing the man to unfortunate life lines. Not all the world, and your world, specifically for you, the worse it gets, the worse you think about it.

The habit of reacting negatively so ingrained that people have lost their advantage over the lower living beings - consciousness. Oyster also reacted negatively to an external stimulus. But man, unlike oysters, can consciously and deliberately to adjust their attitude to the outside world. However, a person does not enjoy this advantage and responds to the slightest aggression inconvenience. His aggressiveness he mistakenly interprets as force.
If you are already a lot of years, you probably think that life has become worse. However, those who is young now, life seems perfect. Why does it happen? maybe because they do not know how good it was when you were at their age? But then people lived older than you who just complain about life and remembered how good it was before. If we accept the fact that life is every year worse and worse, it means that the world has long had to just fall apart.
We all live in one world, but the world at everyone.
One person looks at the world from the windows of a luxury car, and the other from the dustbin. One on the feast of oars, and the other is concerned about their problems. One sees the cheerful company of young people, and the other a cheeky gang of hooligans. Everyone looks at the same thing, but the resulting pictures are very different, as a color film on black and white. Everyone set to a sector in the space of options, so each exists in his own world. All these worlds are overlapping layers and form what we mean by the world in which we live.
Since people are more willing to express discontent and emits more negative energy than positive, there is a tendency of deterioration of quality of life. The representative of the older generation and the young man drank all the same Coca-Cola, swimming in the same sea, skiing on the slopes of the same mountain - everything seems to be the same as it was many years ago. However, senior sure that before everything was better, but for the younger now everything's just wonderful. When the boy is old, history will repeat itself again.
If negative news touches a man, he begins to respond to the impact: Expresses his attitude, experiencing, and thus emits in response to the energy of the same order of magnitude as the first push. Radiating energy at the frequency of adverse events, the person goes to the line of life, where such events are taking place closer to him. Man participates in the complication and is in a spiral action zone, which unwinds and retracts it in like a funnel. As a result of a negative event is included in the layer of the human world.
Many people somehow accept the theoretical possibility to get into a catastrophe. But not all admit such a possibility into the bed of his world. Induced transitions are more prone to those who are interested, anxious, worried about accidents and disasters occurring somewhere with other people. Interest in a destructive pendulum catastrophes and disasters carries a real threat. These pendulums are strong and very aggressive. Do not let a negative information.
People interested negative information, always get it in abundance. First, it takes the role of an innocent bystander. He seemed to be sitting in the stands and watching the football match. The game is more captures him, and he became an active supporter. Then he goes down to the field and begins to run, is not getting the ball. Gradually and imperceptibly, it is increasingly drawn into the game and finally gets the ball. The observer has turned into the player, that is, the sacrifice of the disaster.
The aim is to be as far away from the center of the induced transition funnel.
This means not to let an information about disasters, disasters, conflicts, Kriminale not interested in it, not to worry, not to discuss, in general, turn a deaf ear. Do not let a means to ignore, not to react. Deliberately do not care about the negative information and turn its attention to innocuous television programs and books.
You can hate the war, you can actively fight against it. But the pendulum does not matter you are against or for. He fits the energy of any sign. You accept the war, participating in it - you are at war. You fight against the war - she still swallows you. Do not take the pendulum is to ignore it. There have always been neutral state, which easily got off at a time when whole peoples destroyed each other.
Pay attention to the demonstrations and rallies, where people are fiercely protesting against something. For a pendulum, trying to unleash a battle with your opponent, they are as loyal followers and welcome, as well as supporters of the battle. The peace offer and disclosure of the true face of the pendulum and motives - this is the action that was quenched
war. The reason for the fear of being laid-off lies in the feeling of guilt that smolders or burns bright fire in your subconscious. Who fired first? the worst. If you allow yourself to believe that you can be worse than the others, then you have brought themselves to the black list. Give up the guilt. Allow yourself the luxury of being yourself. Some people are beginning to search for a new job as soon as they got the job done. They do not intend to change the place at once, but it's good to understand that a good idea to always have a fallback. Insurance will give you peace of mind.
Desire has no power.
Just wish can not even lift a finger. This makes the intention, that is, determination to act. The intention also includes the willingness to have. Between "want" and "be prepared to be" lies a deep abyss. While the poor will not let the trappings of wealth in its zone of comfort, until he learns to feel the owner of expensive things, he will remain poor, even if he finds a treasure.
Envy breeds subconscious rejection. If a person is jealous of what he would like to have it in every possible way tries to depreciate it. Rejection is on a subconscious level, because the subconscious mind understands everything literally. Consciousness devalues ​​the envy of just mind for complacency, and the subconscious mind takes everything seriously. Here, the subconscious has a disservice it is doing everything to not get discounted and rejected.
The response to a negative event induces a transition to negative life line. The only means of induced transition - not enough for the tip of the spiral, not be included in the game a destructive pendulum. It is not enough just to know how this mechanism works. On it must always be remembered. Your postmaster should not sleep. Pulls itself whenever the habit, as in a dream, you take the game of the pendulum, that is, those who justify dissatisfaction, anger, anxiety is manifested, are involved in destructive discussions and so on.
Vadim Zeland "Clip-Transerfing. Reality Governance Principles"


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