Interesting facts about male complexes

1. The Napoleon Complex.This complex can be considered most common among men – a set of small stature. The Napoleon complex is manifested in the wild ambitions. Very often, men who have a small increase, there is a hatred to men that are taller. This complex is very difficult to tolerate others. Do not expect any career growth supervisor with a Napoleon complex.

2. The complex of the chief.This complex involves animal fear of men to be subordinate. Usually, men with such a complex, fear that his woman will earn more than he does. Although such a fear is inherent in many men. It manifests itself also in the fact that the man is afraid to be in subjection to women.

3. The Complex Of Don Juan.This complex has 92% of men. Is a happy fear of abandonment. Many men believe (I must say – wrongly) that to be thrown a woman is ashamed, because they are of the opinion that throwing have the right to only they – the representatives of the stronger sex.

4. The Complex Of Alexander.A name like Alexander, very common. Many people associate this name with the legendary one man – Alexander the great. This complex is also named after this military leader of antiquity. This complex involves the fear of men look in the eyes of other representatives of a strong half of mankind, "not men." That is to say, homosexuals. Many will ask the question: what does this have to do with Alexander the great? In those days, homosexuality was quite common. This leader, like many of his comrades-in-arms, came into contact with other men.

5. The Complex Of The Lot.This name comes from the biblical Lot. After the destruction of such great cities as Sodom and Gomorrah, he decided to revive the lost human race. As their "wives", he used his own daughters... Experts say that the complex of the Lot is the fear of men to lose daughters after they grow up and they appear male. This complex is not so prevents to men as their daughters. Men who have through the roof of his father's feelings, fully try to limit the personal life of the adults and accomplished daughters.

6. The complex of the pensioner.All men fear to retire. As a rule, many men have a complex pensioner develops much earlier than necessary. Experts explain this complex psychological inability of men to understand that they are no longer able to compete with younger. As a rule, these men are aged about 50 years.

7. The Complex Of Hercules.Hercules – the hero of Ancient Greece. One myth says that the mighty Hercules was once enslaved the Queen of the Amazons. As a result, he was forced to serve her and to do a woman's job. Can't judge how this myth is true, but still... today many men fear to become a "housewife." They fear to hiccups, that they will be forced to do a woman's job. As a rule, women blamed this fear on a regular lazy, but psychologists know the secret. To say which one is right, no one.

8. Complex Kotovsky.Complex Kotovsky is a fear of being bald. With alopecia to fight almost pointless, though medicine and science has gone too far. To deal with this complex, many men found a solution – shave off all the hair on his head. In this case, to become imperceptible, to shave the man and nothing special.



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