6 most common MALE shoals eyed girl

Marina Poznyakova sobering article about the most common male doorposts eyed girl

Almost all the girls think that all men are not enough love, not enough care for them and give them enough attention. And no matter how many men they are not pampered - always just enough. We always want more, more and more enduring. And there is nothing strange, because this is the essence of any human.

All men kosyachat, cunning, create problems themselves and women. In short, women man to blame. Although, if you face the truth, men think more rationally and reasonably. In their actions more logic and common sense. If you compare the scale of inadequate behavior of men and women, presenting hours, the woman will be the arrow 12, and men - to 6. Girls, it turns out, we are not perfect? ​​!!!

Girls, though now sober look at their behavior. Men do not always kosyachat, 50% of them can not - it's just our imagination.

Consider the 6 main male shoals eyes of girls:

1. He loves me enough
The arguments are useless. He does not like it. Never mind that he's in the evening weekdays sitting next to you, watching you your favorite series or reality show helped cook dinner for your kids, he just does not like, as decided to meet with friends on Saturday. How could he do that? After all, I'm with the kids at home, and he took and left three hours to friends? We women often forget about everything good in a moment, it is just the man to do just that is not the way we want. Accept the fact that men need personal space, as we do with you. Let it develops, plays sports, goes fishing, the main trust him and realize that his heart is always with you.

2. The very thought of - she was offended
We, the women, do not feed bread, but give us an excuse to inflate sponge. While the man at the meeting, and the phone is forgotten in the car and therefore do not respond to our 5 missed calls, we have already decided that he was not sincere to us is sleeping with each other and we are already looking for a replacement. And he just did not answer because I was at work, and the phone was on silent mode, for example, in the car. We women do make mountains out of molehills. We were bored of our nature, we are looking for problems where they can not be. A man with us, and this is important. No need to look undercurrents in stagnant water. Hasty conclusions are always dangerous, because the coins are always two sides, and the sentence to the man you've made. Less fantasize more look at the facts.

3. In response to the silence
Most of the girls have to accept the fact that men are more likely not so talkative as women. Every day we ask them questions, but do not get endless tirade of epithets and comparisons response. "Did you enjoy the soup? - Yes!". What do you mean "yes"? Everything was bad, tasteless, I overdo or dosolit? We have clocked myself that he did not like. Although he gave a clear and direct answer to our question.

Brevity and emotional men are not a measure of what they do not like us. Just once they have made their choice and are not going to change it. If they stop loving you, you'll know about it first. Do not ask men unreal. Take them for what they are.

4. Guess what I want
Women tend by their nature to complicate their lives, and they are investing in it all my soul. We love to talk in riddles, in the hope that our thoughts are read. Although childhood, we know that there is no Santa Claus, the prince did not come for the princess, and thought no one knows how to read. However, we strongly expect that men will be able to guess our wishes, "is because they love us." Yes, love, but love in his own way. No need to wait for miracles, especially from men. They are pragmatic and rational. Ask the right, and then you will get.

5. I'll be there in 10 minutes
We women, to put himself in order, you need at least a couple of hours. A man calls from the category of "be ready in 10 minutes, I will" put us in an awkward position. Did you really think that a perfect manicure, make-up, lingerie openwork appear after a wave of a magic wand? We need time for a hairstyle, choice of underwear and interesting atmosphere. If you want a lot? Give time to prepare.

Your man is ready to accept you for who you are. He can not help but notice that you're not washed his head, although you unwashed head - it's a disaster. He may notice new purchase only if it is a third of his salary. Not because you are in the new boots, but because it occurred SMS withdrawing money from the card. He does not care in what you pay, the main thing you're wearing a dress. For us, it's all - a carelessness on his part. It seems that 10 minutes - it's enough time to put on a dress, shoes, comb hair and get into his car. Please accept it and learn to always look chic.

6. Jealous / not jealous
We, the girls, it is very difficult to please. Jealous - do not trust. Not jealous - not love. Girls enjoy the moment, your man chose you, then it is you ideal. Enough to make the brain girlfriends, mother and beloved. Enjoy the moment and be happy, because he is near.

There is no perfect man, but we too often exaggerating. They love us, though kosyachat. Yes, they often lie, forget important dates, do not show your love, as we want to, but because they do not specifically. We, too, are not perfect, forgive each other our imperfection. Let's just be happy today. Tell a favorite as they are important to you, and your relationship with each day are deeper and warmer.

Marina Poznyakova


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