Tornado Proof House - building to protect from tornadoes and floods

Finally the Americans have a decent answer of the raging elements: architectural Studio "10 Design" developed the concept of high-tech residential building "Tornado Proof House" that can withstand characteristic of the Northern continent of extreme weather conditions — tornadoes and floods. This will be possible thanks to the change of position of the dwelling relative to the line of the earth.

Albert Einstein once said "Madness is to do the same thing again and again but each time expecting a different result". This is what we see ever since, as the Europeans colonized North America. Hurricanes come and go, taking with him a human life and leaving the barricades of debris and miscellaneous trash. But in addition to material damage we are talking about many scattered through the woods and fields of garbage tons disposed of in a landfill of construction waste and pollution of nature by chemicals once stored in the habitation of man. Every time governments had time to count the losses of the destruction, but, in principle, to prevent their people decided only today.

Tornado seconds can occur from storm clouds, located at the junction of atmospheric fronts. Cloud sleeve, or "trunk" of a tornado (sometimes with a diameter of one kilometer and a half) drops to the surface of the earth and raises dust into the air, rocks, livestock, machine, breaks and pulls out by the roots of trees, destroying power lines, onshore pipelines, bridges...

How then to protect yourself from a tornado? — Still the best shelter was considered a cellar in the field – this are on each farm (the basement of the house – a place far more dangerous, because the input can fill up with debris). In open areas people try to lie on the bottom of the ravine, ditch or pit – because the lowest possible shelter increases the chances to remain unharmed. These security measures will assume the "Tornado Proof House": with the approach of the tornado smart home falls into a special hole, reminding retractor neck turtle. During the flood of futuristic design, on the contrary, raised above the water level. For performing these functions is responsible for the system of hydraulic levers.

Home-capsules with no special architectural frills equipped with sensitive sensors that independently monitor and handle weather reports. This will allow you to "Tornado Proof House" not only time to warn the family to go on a visit to the moles, but to save people's lives, if the element of dare to descend while everyone is sleeping.

Of course, the home of the future can not depend on power lines – to do this, the architects 10 Design, has equipped its creation with solar panels. Rather, this function will perform a transparent photocatalyst covering of houses that lets air and sunlight, but serves as an impenetrable barrier to the elements. Carbon nanotubes, meanwhile, absorb toxins, pollutants and CO2. Here's a eco-friendly "folding area", which will pay for itself after the first hurricane.



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