The compote will help prolong youth

Uzvar is traditional Ukrainian drink, which is prepared by the method of preparation of dried fruits. Many people often call this drink the juice, but it is a very big mistake. They differ among themselves by the cooking process, or rather the lack of it as such in the compote. In order to prepare a proper healing drink, pour boiling water over dried or fresh fruit, leave them and enjoy the excellent taste and aroma.

Uzvar is a treasure trove of vitamins. As you know dried fruits have the ability for a long period of time to maintain the nutrients. That is why we can say about the healing properties and anti-inflammatory action on the human body. After drinking the delicious beverage, you predelete youth by improving the work of the stomach and intestines, as well as positive effects on blood vessels. The compote is a good helper for losing weight, because its components are pectin and bromelain help breakdown of fats.

The usefulness of the compote is determined by its components. For example, prunes are very beneficial effect on the work of the intestine, it derives from toxins, improves peristalsis. Also, this dried fruit effective against bile stone disease and in the prevention of diabetes. Raisins has many minerals, acids, and legkousvoyaemogo sugar. It will help to strengthen the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. High blood pressure and people who complain about memory loss to add to the compote of dried apricots and dried apricots. They are very rich in carotene, potassium and magnesium. Dried pears and apples contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C and PP, as well as glucose, which is necessary for brain activity.

Due to this polivitaminnoe Apple-pear drink is great gives energy and vigor, and excrete salts of heavy metals. You can adjust the contents and the taste of the compote. But remember that this miracle drink will help keep your body in good shape.

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