Habits that make us look older!

You can get old much faster than planned by you and nature. Wine throughout – a bad habit. But if they are removed, premature wrinkles can not be afraid.

And don't think that the list is limited to Smoking and a long sunbathing. So, what you are doing wrong:

        Do not wear solicitudine glasses and gloves.

But they should always be with you! Always wear sunglasses in Sunny weather. Excuses:

▪ now is not the summer

▪ I'll only be gone for 10 minutes

Buy Krupina points. From the narrow little help. They will not cover the most sensitive area around the eyes.

        Shouldn't be drinking smoothies and juices through a straw.

Lips? It is harmful – because of this facial expression around the mouth may appear small luchevidnye wrinkles. They are very noticeable. The same effects of Smoking.

What to do? Stop drinking with a straw. And Smoking doesn't help!

        Not correctly understand the signs that gives you your skin.

for example, your cheeks turn red as poppies, although they no blush. What does it mean? Skin weakened! Sometimes it is transmitted hereditary, but often the result of sun exposure or stress.

Always follow the changes of appearance.

        Actively person involved in the conversation.

Show facial expressions emotions – lovely habit that give charisma and charm. If only they were not the consequence of wrinkles!

▪ While talking on the phone, stick on the forehead and between the eyebrows a strip of tape.

▪ Use a cream with retinol, it will strengthen and smooth the skin.

▪ Watch for the facial expressions!

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