What happens to Google employees if they die

We all know that employee benefits Google think almost the most attractive in the country — free tuition; meals, services of doctors right in the office and high-tech toilets. But not everyone knows that such benefits continue after the death of the employee!

"This may seem silly, but we did post-mortem benefits for Google employees," — said one of the leaders, Side.


If a Google employee who lives in the United States, dying at a time when he is in the service of the company, his surviving spouse (spouse) will receive a check for 50% of the salary of the deceased annually during 10 years. Limitations on service are lacking!

With the inception of Google involved in the main events that occur in the lives of his workers. Sergey Brin made the first step when the company employed about a hundred workers. He offered to pay a nanny for each of parents who are employed by the company. Thus, the company provides childcare, at a time when his parents are at work.

But as for paid leave during child care: according to the company, the fathers get six weeks of paid leave, and moms — eighteen weeks after the birth of the child.

Side reports that Google is trying to give as much benefits, but he already hates that word. "People say, "Sure, Google offers all of these incredible things", but the Side thinks that it is not about the money. Side reported: "of Course, there is a study that clearly shows that benefits programs such as ours, retain the mixture and improve performance."

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