Physical activity improves memory

It turned out, physical activity and memory in humans related to each other. A person can keep a good memory even in old age, if daily do physical exercise — this discovery was made by scientists from the University of Pittsburgh.


Long-term memory depends on the state of the brain — the hippocampus. It is known that with age the area of this part of the brain becomes less, and the experienced taxi drivers of the big city, and students during the Sessi, on the contrary — increases.


Experts wondered whether it is possible as-that to affect this area of the brain regardless of the kind of human activity. Was the subject of the study, which was attended by over 200 people, aged 59 to 80 years. First, researchers examined what kind of physical shape are volunteers, and then held a test on the memory status. It turned out that people who regularly engaged in physical activity and being in good physical shape, had developed hippocampus and had up to 50%.

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