Useful properties of potatoes

Due to the large content of potassium in the potatoes helps the excretion of water and boiled salt, which will improve the metabolism, that's why potatoes are considered a useful product in diets. Very rich in potassium are baked potatoes, which retains maximum nutrients. It is also recommended to eat with hypertension, atherosclerosis and heart failure.


Because of the high carbohydrate content, potatoes are fairly high in calories — almost 3 times more than other vegetables. Therefore, those who tend to be overweight, you should limit your addiction to potatoes. Although, everyone else should not be abused potatoes. The starch which it contains in its pure form, does not assimilate our body, and therefore nutritionists recommend eating potatoes to eat not more than twice a week. At the same time the potatoes shows useful properties in the fight against gastritis and hyperacidity and peptic ulcer diseases of stomach and duodenum.

Unlike many other products that contain protein, potatoes carries an alkalinizing effect on the human body, and it is very necessary to people who have high acidity. The starch in potatoes have protein, ascorbic acid and other vitamins. Although the content is not too large, but due to the fact that we eat potatoes in large chunks, in our organism the large quantity of these substances.

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