The main rules to maintain perfect form

We women all my life and losing weight and sit on different diets, too lazy to get off their diet and then back at her. But laziness often wins, and favourite treats from the bakery. For the ideal shape being a strong and long struggle. But there are lots of ways that don't require violence against them.

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If you do not like to do exercises — do not do. It is proved that the morning exercises for the female body stress. Do charge in a few hours in the afternoon or even evening. Scientists have proven that it is helpful for keeping yourself in great shape before bedtime to raise body temperature by a few degrees. Even fairly simple exercises like lunges on one leg, will do the trick and the result will not keep itself waiting.

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A glass of cool water morning and dream about the ideal figure will begin to be implemented, because it stimulates digestion, from the body of excess fluid. Breakfast is best suited granola and cereal, coffee, replace the fresh squeezed orange juice, strong tonic effect will make green tea. Forget about postpone going to help normal water, if you drink it every two hours. If you can not give up heels even though they are not having a very beneficial effect on circulation of feet, helping to develop the cellulite, wear "indoor shoes". That is, walk down the street in shoes with a slight platform or wedge heels at work and perfsuite.

In the evening take a contrast shower, this muscles will be toned. When you take a shower, you can massage the problem areas of conventional jar, the result you will be surprised. On the body apply anti-cellulite cream and massage until the skin turns red, the blood circulation will improve, still nibbling and stroking the buttocks.

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