The best ways to get rid of delayed onset muscle soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness, or in other words the muscle pain after workout — a very unpleasant feeling, which causes a lot of inconveniences. While there are methods that help get rid of unpleasant muscle aches.

A good way to get rid of delayed onset muscle soreness is massage. It improves blood flow, which contributes to a more rapid conclusion of lactic acid. It should do just sports massage. Unlike sports massage from other types is that in a good specialist is working muscles and, roughly speaking, by mechanical means removes from the muscles of toxins that cause delayed onset muscle soreness.

In the fight against delayed onset muscle soreness and helps a special diet. To reduce pain in muscles, eat foods rich in vitamin A, C and E, and drink green tea. You need to drink plenty of fluids – 2-3 liters per day. It should be of high quality mineral water or fruit juice.

Experienced athletes in one voice say that the best recovery from delayed onset muscle soreness – is a Russian bath with a broom. Steamed muscles relax, resumed their performance.

To get rid of delayed onset muscle soreness, the need to move. For example, after a workout, the next day to make at least a 30-minute charge at the end of which it is good to stretch the muscles. At the beginning of the muscles will hurt badly, but at the end of the workout You will become much easier. Well in this plan to help aerobic exercise.

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