Peruvians have created a unique tonic juice frogs

For those who already know about these delightful delicacies, like the cheese with the larvae or eggs of a virgin, I want to inform you about a new find — a Peruvian juice of frogs (Spanish Jugo de Rana), which is widely used by local residents and curious tourists. This drink is prepared from special frogs that are caught at dawn in the high-altitude lake Titicaca, and many of the ingredients, including the broth, white beans, honey, aloe Vera, malt and Maca roots. It is believed that this drink is tonic, gives strength, provides energy for the whole day and is a strong aphrodisiac. Some foodies use it every morning for Breakfast.


The delicacy is prepared as follows. The buyer chooses a frog (or a couple), the seller it suppresses cleanses the skin, guts, and boil a few minutes. At a time when the frog is boiled, prepare a mixture of the right ingredients and then, with a frog, put it in a flask mixer and bring to homogeneous mass. After filtering the beverage is ready to drink. It costs about 2 dollars for the day, the seller can sell about a hundred of them.

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