The Americans revealed the secret survival of frogs after freezing

American scientists have discovered how the frogs get to continue to live even after deep freezing. Of course, not all frogs are capable of it. Indeed, for some kinds of strong cooling will cause death. After a series of experiments, the scientists found that to survive in such conditions, species that live in cold regions of the planet.
Studies have proven that the secret of the endurance of frogs hiding in the complex biochemical processes that occur in the blood of amphibians. For the experiment chose the frogs that live in Alaska, where average January temperature averages 23 degrees below zero. It is such frosty temperature drives the frogs of the species Rana Sylvatica in a deep sleep until spring.

Scientists captured animals were exposed to sub-zero temperature value of 16 degrees. After that, the biologists watched processes in the body frogs. It should be noted that the observation was carried out at the molecular level. The main thing that drew the attention of scientists, that the changes in the composition of blood and how it affects the internal organs.
It was found that under the influence of cold, the frogs very much swells the liver. Which leads to the formation of huge amounts of glycogen, which is then processed into glucose. Glucose not only is a source of energy for cells but also acts as antifreeze. This ability, combined with a high content of urea in plasma provides reliable protection from freezing.

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