Fish Art - paintings of fish bones Elena Zhuravskaya

To paint on canvas now is not fashionable, so the place watercolor and gouache now is much more creative materials to create paintings. Central to this is creating paintings from waste. And what of the wizard not only to create their masterpieces: and sand and metal and plastic waste, and even bottle caps. But Ukrainian Elena Zhuravskaya makes his paintings by using bones and fish scales.


Looking at the wonderful flowers that are depicted in black noble velvet, you'll never guess what this fish remains. Absolutely every job from the beginning to the end mistress makes herself: she catches a fish, cooks, eats, and then selects the seeds from which later creates incredibly beautiful applications.


Fishing is one of the favorite pastimes of the artist since his youth, who taught her interesting hobby father. Since then, fish for Elena — a fact of life.

Despite all the fine tuning work, Elena does not use a microscope or magnifying glass. In the Arsenal of its tools are items that are in every home: white glue, paintbrush, toothpick, scissors, nail file and clear nail Polish.


Moreover, this interesting form of applications is not new, and Elena Zhuravskaya personally knows some members of the fishing art, but each artist has its own technique of creating pictures and your theme. Elena is, as once one common exhibition will be able to combine their efforts.

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