Four ways to save 30 minutes a day

        1. Do two things at one time.

If you have no time to do sports, you can join them with the implementation of other cases. For example, you have the opportunity to pedal the exercise bike and read a book or watch interesting TV programmes. If you use transport, you can listen to an audiobook while on a trip.

        2. Take care of the order around

Discipline yourself to put the most frequently used items (mobile phone, sunglasses) is always in the same place and you won't have to waste time on their search. So you will get a few more minutes.

        3. Plan your day

Write about it a lot, but not many who actually does it. But planning will help you save much more than 30 minutes daily. Someone once said that a minute of planning will save us 20 minutes of action.

        4. Ifto get up earlier than usual, you will start your day completely differently. Some people think that these 30 minutes "stolen" from sleep, all will be lost. To avoid this, ask yourself how much you can do for those thirty minutes of extra time?

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