Simple ways to save 10 minutes daily

Plan ahead and start early. Ten minutes before bedtime, which is devoted to planning, will save you from twenty minutes of morning preparation for work. Moreover, if you get up twenty minutes early, you will be more productive, at least for half an hour minutes longer. Think about it.
Follow the two-minute rule. The two-minute rule says: what you can do in less than two minutes, you need to do right now.

Group similar tasks. To switch between diverse tasks difficult. The majority of people this change will take a few minutes. These few minutes are necessary in order to get the desired stream, which is aimed at the specifics of the task being performed. Thus, it makes sense to interconnect similar problems.
Remove all that distracts you. You can distract anything — and e-mail, and mobile devices and talkative colleague.... Things that can interfere with your focus everywhere.

To do reminders and notes. No one's memory is perfect. Abandoning the use of memos and notes, you will spend a lot of time trying to remember what you wanted to do a minute ago.

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