Google Glass will be a new design

Smart glasses Google Glass, despite the huge number of advantages, have a significant drawback, which can undo all the efforts of the creators of this innovative device — a disgusting appearance. Sourcebits, the company wants to correct this misunderstanding and reimagined Google Glass from the perspective of modern design.

Over the last couple of months we have seen several potential competitors interactive spectacles Google Glass. But only one of them, GlassUp looks like normal glasses, which pretty well will look on the person and not giving it the appearance of a cyborg killer hunting for John Connor.

To fix blatant design blunder interactive points offered the company Sourcebits, which experts, among many other developers have bought Google Glass last winter. Using the device, they noticed that all the technical support it is concentrated on one side of the structure, and because points continually strive to move to the right.
Sourcebits has created a new design for the gadget, distributing electronics all over the body points and giving them the look is quite modern and stylish attribute, which would delight even the most discerning hipsters and fashionistas.

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