Created necklace, get rid of unpleasant odors

Gadget OZ-1 designed for those who are concerned about unpleasant smells of cigarettes or food. This necklace from Electrolux, in essence, a portable air freshener that block unpleasant odors.

The main task of the OZ-1 — refresh lives and breathes the owner, using the technology of ozone generation with HEPA filter. The gadget produces a significant amount of oxidant to neutralize harmful gases, and the filter keeps small particles of dust.

The device can also detect the presence of cigarette smoke and blocks his clothes absorbed the odor. In addition, OZ-1 equipped with a container with aromatic oils, to support around the wearer comfortable atmosphere among the smells of the city.

The gadget need to wear a collar or on bare skin, because in addition to practical use, it has a stylish appearance, and can also serve as a decoration. OZ-1 has interchangeable hulls of all colors and varieties that are sure to delight fans to dress tastefully.

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