Body odor: the secret of the men and women

The sense of smell affects the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls hunger, aggression, sexual emotions, and other basic "animals feelings" person.
People don't realize that their psyche is affected in up to 70 000 odors owing to the fact that it remains in the realm of the subconscious. Not by chance, the smell is so hard to put into words. We can somehow describe the smell, just pointing out the source, for example, the smell of roses, the smell of rotten eggs.
Interestingly, no intermediate shades in the perception of odors. Neutral odors does not happen. They cause either positive emotions or negative.
In a brilliant novel "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind showed monstrous power of smell, their ability to change the visual image of a person.


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We do not recognize the realm of scent, trying to take a shower several times a day, and trying out new deodorants. Many women in search of gaining sexuality willing to pay for a bottle of perfume any money.
Modern man arrogantly ignoring what is known any cat or dog. Natural body odor – that's what really attracts or repels. Natural natural smell of skin, genital wakes ancient instinct of procreation. It depends on the choice or rejection of the partner. And its not to score any deodorants or perfumes.

Where does body odor?

It turns out that it is a waste product of many bacteria, or microflora, which lives on the skin and on the mucous membranes of the genitals. Decomposing food selection of the sweat, sebaceous and other glands, the bacteria of the skin and mucous membranes produce a whole range of substances that form the smell.

So, what we smell depends on the waste product and the composition of the microflora.
Ideally, from the natural scent of a woman from men (or Vice versa) should "blow the roof". Remember the famous Epistle of Napoleon to Josephine: "Tomorrow is arriving in Paris. Don't wash yourself!»
The total distribution of the body suggests that most people today are afraid of their smell. Fear is amplified by the fact that the person does not feel their own "flavor". And family and friends due to the sensitive nature rarely opens his eyes to the existing problem.

Why natural smell of many people does not inspire enthusiasm in others?

No baser matters, alas, is not enough. Microflora of skin and mucous membranes is only part of a single microbial organism. Its main part (almost half a kilogram) lives in the large intestine. We can safely say that the bacteria of the skin and genitals – it's just the regional divisions of the intestinal microflora.

So, what will smell the body, is determined by the condition of the intestines. Ideally, there should prevail the "good" microflora in the fermentation process of food forms a mass of useful substances to the body. People smell attractive.
In fact, most of the colon is dominated by the "bad" microflora decompose the food by putrefaction.
If you don't want to stink "touchstyle", you need to constantly monitor the situation in the large intestine, and this largely depends on the food you take.  published 

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