On Google maps reflected the most photographed places on the planet

Map Sightsmap created array-based data service Panoramio, which was bought by Google, it allows you to save photos geotagged. The popularity of the locations on the map was marked with colors — the brighter and more intense the painted area, the more pictures it was done.
The absolute leader in the number of uploaded photos was Europe, also a lot of pictures made in the United States, Japan and Indonesia. The most popular place in Russia from the point of view of the photographing predictably became the capital.
This service enables you to quickly detect the location with a short address that includes the name, for example, sightsmap.com/New_York or sightsmap.com/Moskow.

One of the most popular points on the map were attached brief annotations, including photos from Panoramio, StreetView links to corresponding article in Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Foursquare and Google Plus articles on.

Source: /users/413


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