The Chinese invented exercises to cleanse the lungs

In China there are many different techniques that allow you to improve your body with physical exercises.The latest know-how is a special set of exercises that will make it easier to breath even with a fairly thick smog. Its author — Deputy Chairman of Gaminsky primary school in Shijiazhuang. The first novelty had tried pupils of the school.

In gymnastics combines elements of aerobics, kung fu and acupuncture. One session is only two minutes, but this is enough to make 23 moves.

The most important movement is the stimulation of special acupuncture point between the thumb and forefinger on the back side of their hands and belly breathing that prostimulirujte, according to the Chinese, cleansing the lungs and does not allow polluting particles in the air, to settle in the body.

Physicians are skeptical about such statements, but do not deny that this technique is unfounded, since the effect at this point actually strengthens the immune system.

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