NASA sent a disk with the works of earthlings on Mars

The "working" version of this ROM installed Maven on a week before its full Assembly. The American probe Maven sent to study the atmosphere of the red planet, took with him to Mars DVD multimedia messages, said the lead scientist of this project, Bruce Jakowski at a press conference in the headquarters of NASA.
"We sent about 100 of thousands of names and hundreds of creative works from people who wanted to perpetuate his name and "go" to Mars. This was accomplished through two contests (Going to Mars) and was selected best works, which are recorded on a special DVD. The "working" version of this ROM installed on Maven for a week prior to its complete Assembly, and flew with him to the red planet," — said Jakowski.

Project Maven (Mars Atmosphere and Volatiles Evolution), approved by NASA in October 2010, aims useat how Mars lost most of its atmosphere. Scientists have learned that in the past Mars had a denser atmosphere that allowed for the presence of surface liquid water. A large part of this atmosphere was lost.
The probe Maven is supposed to make accurate measurements of the speed loss of the atmosphere today that will allow scientists to determine what role this loss in changing Martian climate, and a glimpse into the past of the red planet.

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