Animals that are disguised better than ninja

In the animal Kingdom do not suffer the weak. If you do not have the people huge predator, then have you all the time to improve various cunning ways of protection, otherwise sooner or later you will eat the one who is a step higher in the food chain. Skills also need masking and predators, so they try to get close to his victim.

1. Klonowy fish

Klounovyh fish (lat. Antennariidae) should not be confused with clown fishes (lat. Amphiprion), which we know well after the release of the movie "finding Nemo". The family klounovyh includes over 165 species of fish, most of which resorted to the disguise corals, plants and other harmless objects. Once past them, swim little fish, the predator throws at them and literally sucks in.


2. Orchid mantis

Orchid mantises (lat. Hymenopus coronatus) is called so because of its unusual color due to which these insects become similar to the flowers of orchids. It quite often introduces other insects misleading, what they are paying with their lives.

3.Listovoi Gecko

Listovoi, or ploskogorie geckos (lat. Uroplatus sikorae) live in the forests of Madagascar and blizlezhayshih Islands. Species can be found in colors from green to brown, which allows them ideal places to hide among the foliage of trees. They also remain invisible in tree bark or on the surface of almost any moss.

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