These animals are masters of camouflage to hide so that you can not even find them in the photo

In the wild, the animal often have no chance to survive if it is not able to reliably and on time to hide! The site took 25 photos of real masters kamuflyazha.1. Bicolor kambala7f1f9b49c0.jpg

This fish is perfectly merges with the ocean floor.

2. Waterfall lyagushka6bb327eee5.jpg

As you can see from the title, this tree frog hiding in the waterfall.

3. Kapyushonchaty kuznechikc1cf2da82a.jpg

Homeland of the grasshopper - India. It feeds on the leaves of trees and is a real scourge for farmers.

4. Listohvosty gekkon1e9d20fcfc.jpg

This nocturnal gecko inhabits the island of Madagascar.

5. Leafy sea drakonc5366e54c8.jpg

See this dragon swim among the sea of ​​greenery in Australia - a great success.

6. Spider Blunt Stretchead03dbd86.jpg

See this spider - a rarity. He lives in Eurasia.

7. Flower bogomol8f14cec43b.jpg

The reason why it is so named, is obvious!

8. Fish kamenc175f9c22c.jpg

Yad such fish is deadly to humans.

9. Leopardb047aea1a8.jpg

Not only are fish and insects are able to blend in with the environment.

10. butterfly list67b7d96bd6.jpg

When the butterfly wings fold, it can not be distinguished from the dried leaf.

11. The caterpillar-baronf79c5a23eb.jpg

It is a parasite that feeds mainly mango leaves.

12. The African Common splyushka5d812dfd4a.jpg

This owl is difficult to detect, because it is small in size and enjoys excellent camouflage.

13. Karakatitsa759e5c58b2.jpg

It is the most intelligent of the shellfish. Studies have shown that the value of his brain to the body is extremely high.

14. Hameleon77429d6ece.jpg

The chameleon changes color, not only in order to blend with the environment, but also to communicate.

15. Octopus Mimic Octopus6e2e3280ff.jpg

This octopus masterful copies of other animals.

16. Frog Scaphiophryne spinosa742d9078db.jpg

This frog inhabits the island of Madagascar. Unfortunately, now it is under threat of extinction.

17. Bulanyi kozodoyd456f313c4.jpg

At nightfall, buckskin nightjar falls to the ground and locked with feathers.

18. Sheet kuznechik344ae4d27b.jpg

Most leaf grasshoppers camouflaged by leaves.

19. Agama3b511094d0.jpg

The most common lizard in Africa, which skillfully uses camouflage.

20. Miniature Marine konёkf239000136.jpg

Dwarf seahorses - are masters of disguise. Scientists have learned about their existence by chance - the animal, the body which they have settled, investigated in the laboratory.

21. Spider-volk0477034e28.jpg

This predator-single is very agile and has a excellent eyesight. However, he is not averse to use camouflage to outwit his prey.

22. mantis-prizrakb5a0469311.jpg

This little known African mantis that is very similar to a leaf.

23. Palochnik1dcfb25958.jpg

Stick insects can be found worldwide, but it is very difficult to detect.

24. Arctic lisaae822f6f66.jpg

This fox lives in the Arctic naisuroveyshih conditions. And it perfectly blends with the environment.

25. Giant Forest kozodoy745f9f25f5.jpg

A man would never have to discover this African bird, if not for her no matter what unearthly scream.



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