6 types of obesity, and how to cope with both of them

Have you ever thought about why you can not lose weight even when you exercise and stick to a strict diet? Maybe you do not succeed, because you put the effort is not necessary.

The answers lie in the type of obesity, with whom you are dealing. From where it is on your body accumulates fat, and depends on the choice of an effective strategy for weight loss.

The site tells the story of six types of obesity, and gives tips on how to deal with each of them.

1. Obesity pereedaniyaPereedanie - the main cause of weight problems in the world. If the fat you accumulate uniformly in all the upper body, so you eat too much sugar and generally overeat.

You yourself may think that is not the case, saying, colleagues or family members to eat more, but not so fast weight gain. What can I say? Most likely, you underestimate the amount eaten and you overestimate - the amount eaten by others.

In general, if you have this problem, it will help you three simple rules. Firstly, drink 500 ml of pure water for half an hour before a meal. It helps to eat less for lunch or dinner.

Second, start drinking coffee and tea without sugar (soon get used to it and you even begin to like), and sweets for some time will have to be abandoned altogether.

Third, make sure that at least 30 minutes a day (every day!) Devote moderate exercise. Charging - your all!

2. "Nervous" zhivotikEsli fat you accumulate exclusively in the abdomen, then the cause - or depressed, or under stress or in a constant feeling of anxiety with which you have to live.

People suffering from "nervous stomach" eat a lot of sweets to stick stress. If you find a way to get nervous a little less sharply reduce the consumption of sweets. This will get rid of excess fat.

3. gluten ozhirenieLyudi who have extra weight accumulates in the hips, are victims of a hormonal imbalance or menopause. To combat this type of obesity need to avoid smoking and alcohol, try to sit less and move more.

You need to "reset" your metabolism. Otherwise, all life will sigh, standing on the scales.

4. atherogenic metabolic disbalansLyudi with this type obesity generally accumulate fat in the abdominal cavity, and therefore have trouble breathing.

The first thing you need to do - to stop drinking. Well, then - according to the traditional list: charging in the morning, once or twice a week - in the gym, and a new diet. It involves more than plant foods and less - of the animal.

5. Obesity venous kanalovSchitaetsya that this type of obesity we inherit genetically. Fat is centered in the legs - is not the result of poor lifestyle choices. All the worse.

Women with this type of obesity all the time struggling with swollen feet. Especially strong this problem is exacerbated during pregnancy.

People suffering from complete legs, often need to run around and climb the stairs on foot. Give regular load legs!

6. Obesity bezdeystviyaTakoy type of obesity is typical for people who used to be very physically active. For example, doing sports or heavy physical labor. And now they are inactive, sitting in the office or car, and because of that they have a huge belly.

To get rid of this problem, you need to avoid long periods of hunger. You need to eat more frequently than once or twice a day. Really. This will save you from chronic overeating at night.

Run you still unlikely to start, so you'll have to rebuild the serious approach to diet. There are often, but - less. More vegetables - less pasta, more fruit - less than donuts.

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