Animals - masters of mimicry

Wildlife photographer Alex Hyde took years of scientific training to learn how to find animals that do not really want to be found. Alex is not averse to more people look at this amazing ability of some animals to disguise.
Alex Hyde, worked as a teacher at the University of biological photos Nottingham, travels to the jungles of Madagascar, testing their knowledge in practice in the field of zoology.

1. In this picture we see listohvostogo geckos hidden in the trunk of the tree, overgrown with ivy, in the jungle of the National Park on the Masoala peninsula, in the north-east of Madagascar.

2. The spider with long legs disguised in the bark of a tree, waiting to ambush prey. Photo is also made in the national park Masoaly.

3. This frog from the tropical forests of the National Park Andasibe-Mantadia Madagascar. Alex Hyde said: "I never cease to be amazed at how they manage to cleverly disguise. To be able to take a picture of an animal, it is necessary to know precisely the places where it prefers to hide, at different times and under different conditions ».

4. "Listohvosty geckos perfectly camouflaged in a tree trunk. And a striking resemblance to the bark is not only skin color geckos, but its texture. If they did not have the ability to hide so well, they have a long time ago would have caught predators, destroying the entire population ».


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