11 things which should go to Madagascar

Travel to Madagascar with an open mouth. Hard to believe that baobabs tall with a 10-storey building, geckos, leaves, frog-tomato, stone forest and cartoon lemur is awake. Local wonders you can enumerate a long time. We selected 11 things to do in Madagascar to wanted to return to this amazing island again.

1. To feel the beating heart of AntananarivoAs well juicy sounds: An-TA-na-to-ri-Woo! The name of the capital of Madagascar energizes. Meander through its narrow streets, where colonial mansions propped up by the sides of dilapidated shacks, dried colourful beddings and every corner donuts are fried, mofo. Before you know it, as it would be on the traditional market zoom with wicker baskets, bags of spices and smiling merchants.

Over the city of Antananarivo ant hill stands the Royal Palace Ruv, where for centuries lived rulers of Madagascar. All the fun from the outside: in the back yard hiding photogenic chapel, and the Palace hill offers crazy views of the entire city. Top Antananarivo seems to be a colorful patchwork blanket around green hills. Go down the maze of streets to the Palace of the Prime Minister Andafiavaratra and stroll along the wide Independence Avenue to the French station. The ticket office here is long gone, but on the corner is a charming Cafe de la Gare, where on weekends playing jazz.

2. Walk on eggshells on singamFirst impressions at the sight of the Tsing sharp needle rocks – ranging from genuine excitement to "Oh mommy, urgently, send me back!" To tempt fate and soles of sneakers, go to the reserve Tingi du Bemaraha in the West of Madagascar. No wonder "scurvy" is translated as "on tiptoe": Wade through dangerous stockade, studded with stone spikes, must be carefully and with insurance. First will zigzag through the dark maze and squeeze between the 50-meter cliffs in front of curious lemurs. And in the end will go to the suspension bridge, which hangs over the precipice, like in the movies about Indiana Jones.

In the stone forest you can visit on the North of the island — in the nature reserve of Ankarana. The striped cliffs are replaced here by canyons, at the bottom of which protrude the teeth reddish, as if sculpted out of cookie dough. In such places it is important to have a good camera and eyed guide who per kilometer will notice the chameleon.

When is the best time to go to Madagascar: in Madagascar all year round is 20-26 °C. But the weather in different parts of the island can differ significantly in one day. In the East, where the monsoons blow, dojdlivoe than in the Central mountainous part. In the North-West drier and hotter, and in the deserts of Madagascar and the South is arid climate.The best time to travel to Madagascar — may-October, when the island lasts the dry season.

3. Fill the box with jewelstwenty years ago, no one suspected that Ilakaka village in the South of Madagascar will be one of the world's largest deposits of sapphires. In the early 90s, there lived a man of 40. After the discovery of precious deposits in 1998, the population has increased in 1,5 thousand times. Since the flow of black diggers in this place dries up, and from the signs jewellery shops dazzled. Scatterings of stones of all shades of blue, purple and pink and true charm. Just do not try to save money and buy gems on the cheap under the counter or from artisanal miners – it will backfire. At the airport you can request a certificate, which is issued only in the official store. Plus, on the black market, you risk to buy the glass instead of precious stone.

In the tropical forests of Madagascar extract rare star rubies, pale green emeralds, heavy Topaz and aquamarine color of the spring sky. A handful of tourmalines and amethysts the size of a child's palm is not an exaggeration. But for the precious stones do not have far to go for jewelry shops and workshops on cutting at every step even in Antananarivo and Antsirabe.

4. Hug a baobabIs not a dream: the giant trees holding up the sky hooked crowns, do exist. Giant baobabs grow on the West and South of Madagascar, in particular, near the town of Morondava. Instead of limes and chestnuts along the dusty road, which locals call the alley, stretching a 30-metre baobab grandidier under a thousand years.

Meander through in the morning mist or ride a Quad bike in the sunset among the giants ' in-about-from such a wide. North morohashi alleys hiding from the prying eyes of the couple of baobab trees: they grow in the arms of more than one hundred years.

On Madagascar baobab rubrostipa without a smile can not look – exactly-like a giant carrot, which stuck in the rocky ground. To cheer yourself up, go to the arboretum Antsokay or reserve Renial, where the beds of the giant "roots" dilutes the baobab in the form of a kettle.

5. Take a picture of a whale jumpingEvery summer hundreds of humpback whales leave the icy waters of the Antarctic and emerges off the coast of the Madagascar island of Nosy drills, or, in the old Ile Sainte-Marie. Be sure to watch the mating games of 30-ton Mahin from the boat. Hold the camera at the ready: ten three-meter-high fountains have a couple of graceful somersaults.

Under water life in Madagascar is seething and bubbling at least: worn silver shoals Luciano in the tentacles of sea anemones hide clown fish, and over a sandy bottom slowly floating ramp. In the first place in the list of diver is a volcanic archipelago of Nosy be, surrounded by coral forests. In October-November here arrives whale sharks. For the beginners in diving great marine Park Tanikeli in the South of Nosy be.

The farther from civilization, the more interesting diving in Madagascar. Have a Nosy, Michio divers waiting for the sunken fishing boat, covered with scorpionfish and off the coast of the island of Nosy Iranja frolic green turtle.

6. Find lake in the volcanoTritriva Sacred lake hidden in the crater of an extinct volcano in the center of Madagascar, beautiful to distraction. In bright sunlight a clean but very cold water sparkles turquoise sparks, and on a cloudy day – clouds over subsidiaries. Go down to the shore Tritriva the path between the pine trees, huddled over a cliff, and admire the reflection of the rocks in the mirrored surface.

In the lake Tritriva water ice, so when you want to feel, go to the hot springs of Antsirabe. Once it was a luxury health resort, where the French went to bathe in luxury and ride rickshaws pouce-pouce. From dear colonial resort is not gone, but mineral water is still being treated for rheumatism. It is good to call in an hour or three to take a dip in the outdoor pool and from the heart to be covered in healing mud.

7. To find an unknown creatureIn the natural parks of Madagascar are home to rare and unusual creatures, the existence of which you never knew existed. Many of them will crawl, jump and float right outside your Bungalow. However, some strange inhabitants of Madagascar you may not notice – the island is home to these masters of camouflage. Look: this is not a withered leaf sways in the wind, and listovoi Gecko waiting for your dinner. But this dry branch with a jagged end – listnacich snake hanging from a tree. Beautiful yellow flower with long forked "petal" can be a rare butterfly comet. And to find brookesia, have pretty strain the vision: a tiny chameleon fits on a fingertip. If you sounded like someone with a whistle sucks air, then, somewhere near quivering hissing cockroach.

I'm sorry, but what in the wet jungle makes a ripe tomato? And, it's tomato uskoro hunts from ambush.

8. Try the steak Brokeback cowget Ready for a mono-diet: in Madagascar, rice is cooked porridge and prepared side dishes, fried mouth-watering pancakes, bake cakes in banana leaves, and even brewed iced tea. And instead of the usual beef with appetite knead the meat of the humpback zebu cows. And if beef steaks and burgers in Madagascar overeat every day, to SIP soup from tails or penis dare not every. Maybe it's for the best, because the most delicious part of the cow zebu is considered the bad fat hump that roast on coals with aromatic herbs.

Even in Madagascar, they grow a myriad of cocoa and vanilla. When you are in Antananarivo, try the delicious chocolates of La Chocolaterie Robert and the chocolate egg dessert at La Varangue. In addition, the locals drink coffee with coconut donuts mokari that are sold on every corner. And if you want something sweet, but without harm to the figures, goes with a Bang with tropical fruits – mango, pineapple, passion fruit and lychee.

9. Run down the river on a wooden cakered ribbon winds on the Madagascar river Tsiribihina. Choose a route for the alloy and say goodbye to civilization for 3-10 days. Under the even strokes of the oars and the splash of water good to meditate, to listen to the chirping of birds and to photograph flying foxes, thickly clinging to the rocks. No rush – enjoy the changing exotic scenery. Along the way there will be some stops to splash in a warm waterfall, treat the kids with candy and sleep under the stars in a tent on the beach. When will approach to end, in the town of Bila-sur-Tsiribihina, be sure to try the first class Sabatino in Mad Zebu restaurant and look at the Royal tombs. Every few years the Royal ashes are solemnly bathed in the river following a "bath day" is scheduled for 2020.

10. Visit the cartoon "Madagascar"Lemurs are worth for them to fly thousands of kilometers and shiver on potholes a few hours. To see the stuffed animals with shining eyes in the wild, treat yourself to an expedition of Madagascar reserves. For example, in dense crowns Park Andasibe-Mantadia hiding the world's largest lemur, the indri indri. Bad hides: a roar which can be heard for several kilometers, gives the coward with his head.

In the picturesque nature reserve of isalo landscapes are changing as in a kaleidoscope: the fiery boulders go into cool oases, and the barren plain is in the tropical bushes. The path is not easy, but many are willing to sell your soul, to see how thrilled the sun a ring-tailed lemur. If you don't want a clock watch at the bottom of king Julian, go to private Land or parks Lemurs Vakona. Manual lemurs of all types and colors instantly descend from their thrones, as soon as I noticed you're holding a banana.

11. To be alone on a deserted beach

Water in Madagascar is always as fresh milk, but for a beach holiday better suited may-October, when the island is not water rains. First place in the list of "where to swim in Madagascar" keeps the Nosy be island with its postcard beaches and luxury hotels. Who just stood there anchored French colonization, the Malagasy pirates, and even a squadron of Admiral Rozhdestvensky. For a couple of months while on the island, played Russian sailors, Nosy-be was almost Notobacco. You recommend to leave a mark in the rock Pily Pily restaurant or to celebrate a holiday fish pie on the terrace of Le Deck.

The farther from the main island, the luxurious beaches and higher price tags in hotels. If you want privacy, the tropical island of Nosy-Iranja — what you need. A narrow sandy strip that connects the beaches with civilization, and exposed only during low tide. The tiny island of Tsarabanjina is another Paradise for the modern hermit: looking for deserted beaches and gentle waves, all shades of blue and green, immediately clear why Malagasy people called this place Tsarabanjina — "nice view". To finally merge with nature, go to the island of Nosy komba. There are no roads and no electricity, but you can meet extraordinary sunrises and sunsets on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

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