Baobab or palmate Adanson

Baobab is famous for its unusual proportions. This is one of the thickest trees in the world - with an average circumference of the trunk 9-10 m, its height is only 18-25 m. (In the "Guinness Book of Records" for 1991 describes the baobab, which had a 54, 5 m in circumference). At the top of the barrel is divided into thick, almost horizontal branches that form a large, up to 38 m in diameter, crown. In the dry season, in the winter, when the baobab tree shed their leaves, he takes on a curious kind of tree roots growing up. Life expectancy is controversial baobabs - they do not have growth rings, which can reliably calculate the age. Conducted by radiocarbon analysis (for C14) calculations showed more than 5,500 years for a tree diameter of 4 to 5 m, although more conservative estimates baobabs live "only" 1000 years old.


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