The most unusual trees on our planet

All of us habitually look like the trees that surround us every day, so if we see something different from them, first can't even believe that these unusual trees exist — but they are there, great grow, where we do not and the locals take them for granted

Take, for example, the baobab is one of us in their right mind would call this tree "ordinary"? Moreover, he does not even have the rings to determine the age of experts when determining how to be content with the result of radiocarbon Dating.

No less interesting is another tree, the baobab, the usual scenery of Madagascar — baobab-kettle. It is not considered a separate species — each of the six growing in Madagascar types of baobab can take the form of a teapot or bottle. What is the reason — nobody knows, but probably so, the trees take care of the moisture, which is not so much in these latitudes.

Another interesting tree is the rainbow eucalyptus. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that the higher of the once found trees is the eucalyptus. For example, in one report, 1873 mentions a fallen eucalyptus tree, the height of which was over 150 meters!

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