It seems that such beauty can be found only in paradise. This is the most beautiful plants in the world.

Our life without these plants would have been unthinkable, because thanks to the trees we breathe, trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and serve as the home of a variety of living beings. Even for this, you can love them, but we will focus now only on their appearance.

Although not all of the trees are The following specific (for example, glycine - a vine, rhododendron - bush and bamboo grass at all), but let us not pay attention to the little things, because they are all beautiful. So when you walk in the woods and enjoy the fresh air, you can safely embrace some birch tree and tell her thank you - they deserve it!

125-year-old rhododendron in Canada
This huge tree and not a tree at all - in fact, is a shrub.

Photo: Reddit

144-year-old wisteria in Japan
1990 sq. m. This is an area of ​​growing Japanese wisteria.

Photo: Tung-Nam

Photo: y-fu

Windy Trees, New Zealand
These trees got its shape because of the constant winds of the Antarctic at the southernmost tip of New Zealand Slope Point.

Photo: Seabird Nz

Japanese maple in Portland, Oregon

Photo: Tom Schwabel

moss-covered Antarctic beech Oregon
Antarctic beech is widespread in Chile and Argentina, but this instance feels fine in the United States.

Photo: Drew Hopper

Flowering cherry in Bonn, Germany
Here is one of the streets of Bonn in the spring.

Photo: Adas Meliauskas

Angel Oak in Southern California
This oak in South Carolina than 20 meters, and the age of his approximately 1400-1500 years.

Photo: Daniela Duncan

Flowering tree, Brazil
Such beauty is originally from Madagascar, but can grow in all tropical latitudes.

Photo: Salete T Silva

«The blood of the dragon", Yemen
Its unusual name is a tree obtained through juice crimson color, which was used as a varnish for violins, and at the same time as a cure for various diseases.

Photo: Csilla Zelko

Meet the third-largest giant sequoia named President, California
This giant of 73 meters in height and a diameter of 28 meters is living in a national park in California and is considered the third highest sequoia in the world (even the second if you count with branches).

Photo: Unknown

Maple tunnel Oregon

Photo: Ian Sane

Rainbow eucalyptus in Kauai, Hawaii
Rainbow eucalyptus grows in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is not only beautiful, but also useful, because it produced the paper.

Photo: Christopher Martin

Jacaranda in Cullinan, South Africa
These beautiful creatures with purple leaves are called Jacaranda, and they grow only in Africa.

Photo: Elizabeth Kendall

Oak Alley in South Carolina
This avenue was planted in the year 170 on the southern plantations in South Carolina.

Photo: Lee Sosby

Baobab in Madagascar
Baobabs all essential plant in Madagascar. They store water in their stems, which can then be used during drought.

Photo: Unknown

Alley "Dark fence" Northern Ireland
This avenue also was planted in the 18th century. By the way, here, among the beeches we were shooting "Game of Thrones».

Photo: Stephen Emerson

Photo: Christopher Tait

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