The top 10 universities in the world

Former school on zametkuHoroshee education today - its weight in gold, and even more expensive, because the diploma of a prestigious academic institution provides the opportunity to become an employee of a large corporation, and if you're lucky - to take place in the list of the most successful and wealthy people in the world. To enroll in one of the universities, which will be discussed in this collection, to pass the exam is 100 points and be familiar with the well-connected enough - you have to pass through a meat grinder brutal selection and prove their right to education in the fight against the most ambitious and talented applicants all over the world .

1. National University Singapura

one of the leading higher educational institutions of the world in the field of medical and humanitarian education. The most brilliant minds come to Singapore from around the world to get a degree, and feel the cultural and social values ​​of this great country. If you have at least one course of academic education, talent and potential, waiting for you here.

2. University Tsinhua

The University, which is among the largest universities of China, you can get an education for everyone - the list of specialties is very broad and covers almost the entire spectrum of professions. Tsinghua University also offers several scholarship programs through which hundreds of foreign students each year come here to study.

3. Johns Hopkinsa

Private Research University, named for its founder, entrepreneur and philanthropist Johns Hopkins, is located in Baltimore (Maryland, USA). University is considered one of the most prestigious in the world, here are trained future employees promising companies from China, India and South-East Asia.

4. University Dzhordzhii

In 1785, the year in the American city of Athens-Clarke County was founded university diploma which still remains in one of the most coveted in the world. The university trains specialists of the highest caliber, so willing to fully disclose their professional and creative potential you should definitely pay attention to the University of Georgia.

5. Chicago universitet

Introduced at the end of the XIX-th century private university currently consists of four interdisciplinary units and six professional institutions. For foreign students are available a variety of programs of continuing education, as entrants and students can count on a variety of scholarships and grants. It remains to add that the University of Chicago were educated 87 Nobel Prize winners.

6. Yale universitet

Educated at Yale University (CT) can be justifiably proud of themselves - the local university is on the list of the most prestigious educational institutions of the world, except - it the second oldest after Harvard in the so-called Ivy League, an association of eight oldest universities in the United States. University with more than 300-year history (founded in 1701, the year) is recognized as one of the leaders in the study of psychology and the human psyche, but research in other fields of scientific knowledge and the teaching of the various disciplines are also underway at the highest level.

7. Oxford universitet

On the English town of Oxford, located on the banks of the Thames knows, even those who did not receive any higher education. To get the coveted diploma from the University of Oxford, here each year attracts thousands of students from around the world, because such "crust" - virtually guarantee of getting a good position in any large corporation. On admission to Oxford entrants are hard competitive selection, so if you have an idea to learn in the good old English university (or more precisely - the oldest and the good of all UK universities), will have to get ready.

8. Princeton universitet

Since its founding in 1764, the year the present day Princeton University trains specialists, many of whom are inscribed in golden letters in the history of science and technology. Like Yale, Princeton enters the Ivy League, a bachelor's degree or master's degree issued by the university will provide you a place in almost any perspective company. In addition to the brilliant teachers of natural sciences, humanities, social and applied sciences university known for it leading to numerous studies in various directions.

9. Caltech institut

If you are going to tie his career with the exact sciences and engineering, Caltech suitable handy. "Caltech" (from the English. Reduction «Caltech») long and successful struggles with Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the title of chief technical university of the United States. Despite the fact that many American universities, in our time, there are strong technical faculties at the California Institute of Technology graduates the chance to fly up the corporate ladder much higher.

10. Harvard universitet

If we are talking about the best universities in the world, it is impossible not to mention the glorious Harvard University, who is considered one of the most respected institutions of higher education throughout the world. Harvard diploma holders can not worry about their future - they will gladly accept any employer, of course if there is a profile of the vacancy. Research activities at Harvard University employees are highly valued throughout the scientific community, so if you want to become part of the family and friendly Harvard to join the ancient traditions of the university, should hurry - every year wanting to do it becomes more and more.



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