How to treat cracked heels with traditional methods?

The onions in folk medicine say not enough, no wonder there is a saying: "disease From the seven — onion." Many people suffer from cracked heels.

Offer you an easy recipe cracked heels. You need to buy the pharmacy 5 bubbles with glycerin, and then add each of them up to the top of table 9% vinegar (pharmacy bottle full of glycerin not to the end). In the morning, getting out of bed, slather with this structure the whole foot, then put socks on. Please note: 2 days of chapped and rough skin will be pink and soft.

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Lost and cracked a couple of days, but You need to do this procedure every morning. This recipe helped many: you can walk in sandals on his bare feet, and friends saying, "You turned 75, and his legs, as the young"

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