Cracked heels: treatment and prevention

Cracked heels can occur due to various circumstances. What to say about the discomfort that they bring, and sometimes it hurts more than anything to come! One of the most common causes of rough and cracked skin on the feet is to wear open shoes: Slippers, flip flops, sandals...

For this reason, in most cases affects women, because men do not so often wear open shoes. But this does not mean that men don't have cracked heels, even as it happen, because outdoor shoes are not the only cause of this condition feet.

Cracked skin on the heels, in addition, it really delivers a strong discomfort, and even looks very unattractive and maloestetichno, appearance is untidy and gives the impression that the person is not caring for themselves. Overweight and hot weather for extended periods of time can also contribute to the fact that the heels will crack. But if you are an avid athlete, much more. Therefore, we suggest not to forget to constantly use the cream for the skin of the feet or any other moisturizer to prevent this unpleasant phenomenon.

But if this problem still arise, then our today's article is for you. We will share with you some tips on how you can improve your condition and get rid of cracks appeared on the heels. Of course, better able to prevent, but if not, you should as soon as possible to start using various home remedies. So, join in and try!

Bee Madame can make a foot bath with warm water and honey. All you need to do is to dissolve one Cup of honey in warm water, mix well and put it in the tub feet approximately for 20 minutes. Then remove them, wipe dry with a towel and walk on your heels with a pumice stone. Then simply, rinse your feet with warm water and all. This will help to remove dead skin and to soften new. This procedure can be performed 3 times a week, then the skin on your legs will be silky smooth.

Castor macleese one great way to soften rough skin of the feet is to use castor oil. It is one of the best remedies for peeling at home. Just moisten a little piece of clean cloth in castor oil and do yourself a gentle foot massage for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water to wash it down. To do this procedure at least every day, if you have time, of course, and it is best before bedtime. If you are consistent in your desire to smooth out the skin on your heels, then the result will not keep itself waiting long.

Malokakhovka coconut oil is also perfect for our purpose. It can be used to effectively remove dead skin cells while maintaining the necessary skin moisture and prevent its cracking in the future. The procedure is as follows: every night before you go to sleep, you are doing yourself a foot massage using coconut oil, paying special attention to heels. Then wash off the oil with warm water, put on socks and voila! You can go to bed.

Pisano finally, we recommend not to neglect the ordinary pumice stone combined with warm water (or even hot to stew the feet). This tool always works, and as quickly as possible. Just pour warm water in a small tub and soak her feet for 15 minutes. Then remove them, dry slightly with a towel and walk on the heels with a pumice stone (very effective volcanic stone, for example), then rinse feet and all. Pumice most likely cope with the rough skin on your heels. published


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