Protective mechanisms of the human body


The protective system is one of the main our body. She diligently protects the human body from negative environmental factors. This article will introduce you about the amazing protective mechanisms inherent in the human body.



The person starts to hiccup when he had problems with the digestive system. In most cases, hiccups begins when we eat too quickly in big chunks, overeating. In this way, the body has to understand how that food should be chewed more thoroughly, and that we should observe a measure of quantity of consumed food.



Mistakenly believed that this is a sign of laziness or boredom. Scientists believe that yawning occurs when an overload of the brain. The cause of yawning be the lack of sleep, stress, overexertion of the body. While yawning the air that we breathe somehow cools our overheated brain. Even with this protective mechanism increases the flow of blood oxygen.



If stretching is controlled by a human is as a defense mechanism. So the muscles prepare for physical action after a full night's sleep. While sipping also restored blood flow. Several studies have been conducted, during which became known for one interesting fact: if you stretch directly before the morning meal, it improves human taste buds.


Myoclonic seizures

Every man felt next: fall asleep, like it's already a dream, but our muscles contract so strongly that the right person jumps on the bed and instantly wakes up. This is called myoclonic seizures. And it happens because sleep comes very quickly, the muscles relax, decrease indicators such as respiration and pulse. But the brain is still continuing its work, and such a change in the body, it takes a near-death experience. He sends myoclonic seizures in order to "be saved." The principle of operation is comparable with the Taser. Thus the brain is trying to revive a dying, as it seems, the body.



With sneezing nasal cavity to get rid of dust that has accumulated Allergan, various microbes. If a person sneezes over and over again is a sign that there is a strong allergen, which must be immediately remove.




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