Lose weight having fun—on the Sunny diet


Among the variety of different diets undoubtedly soma delicious and bright is a solar diet. The basics of this diet are only useful and tasty products with a high content of vitamin and minerals. Such a diet will benefit the health of any woman.

Feature of this diet is the specific choice of products. You should select food only bright colors. Best vegetables and fruits full of red, orange, and yellow single color.

If you want to use this diet, you must consider a few simple rules.

• A day you should eat no more than 500g of food.

• In order for your body sated with a sufficient amount of nutrients, eat at least 5 times a day, it is advisable to divide the entire volume of food into equal parts. With this diet there is no hunger.
• Every human body requires a certain amount of different nutrients. So try to use at least 4 products suitable for the solar diet.
• Solar diet involves drinking and fruit juices. However, a lot of juice will have to subtract from the mass of the volume of the daily requirement products. Thus, with the use of 200 gr. juice you will need to eat a day even 300 gr. fruit.
• A very important component of any diet is water. Do NOT disturb the water balance. So drink every day at least 8 glasses of water.

For solar diets are best cheese, better than durum, Fruit, ardent red, orange and yellow flowers, the same flowers and vegetables, pasta and wheat bread, made sure of the best varieties of wheat.
Not to be redundant, and exercising when the solar diet. Only through long exercises every morning and a bit of fitness in the evening, and you will see the result will not keep itself waiting. In addition to weight loss exercise will help speed up the metabolism in your body. Solar diet will help you to buy a beautiful elastic, healthy skin will help rid your body of taxine and wastes.

Like all diet, sun diet is not for everyone. There are several categories of people who should not use this diet.
• People with chronic diseases.
• Pregnant and lactating women, as the sun diet, it is prohibited to use products with some useful for pregnant and lactating women, vitamins. If you want to preserve the health of yourself and baby during pregnancy and lactation, it is better to transfer solar diet to a more secure time.
Preferably, before the start of the solar diet, as well as any other, consult a specialist. This will give you confidence in the usefulness of any diet.
Remember that the maximum period of application of solar diet – no more than 2 weeks. In compliance with all requirements and rules, you will be able to achieve the desired result.

Source: dieta-dieta.ru


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